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PERDUE® Fresh Whole Chicken (805)

PERDUE® Fresh Whole Chicken
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  • Serving Size 3oz (84g) cooked

  • Servings Per Container varied

  • Amount Per Serving
    (* % of Daily Value)

  • Calories 240

  • Calories from Fat 150

  • Total Fat 17g (26%)

  • Saturated Fat 4.5g (23%)

  • Trans Fat 0g

  • Cholesterol 100mg (33%)

  • Sodium 80mg (3%)

  • Total Carbohydrate 0g (0%)

  • Dietary Fiber 0g (0%)

  • Sugars 0g

  • Protein 21g

  • Vitamin A 15%

  • Vitamin C 4%

  • Calcium 2%

  • Iron 8%

  • * Percent of Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

    ** This is a representation of the nutrition label. The actual nutrition label may vary slightly.

  • Serving Size

  • Servings Per Container

  • Amount Per Serving
    (* % of Daily Value)

  • Calories

  • Calories from Fat

  • Total Fat

  • Saturated Fat

  • Trans Fat

  • Cholesterol

  • Sodium

  • Total Carbohydrate

  • Dietary Fiber

  • Sugars

  • Protein

  • Vitamin A

  • Vitamin C

  • Calcium

  • Iron

  • * Percent of Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

    ** This is a representation of the nutrition label. The actual nutrition label may vary slightly.

Fresh, all natural, whole chicken with giblets, packed in a vacuum-sealed bag.




Keep refrigerated or frozen. Thaw in refrigerator or microwave. Cook thoroughly.



  • Preheat oven to 425ºF. Remove giblets and visible fat, and rinse chicken under cool water; pat dry with paper towels.
  • Rub skin with 2-3 tablespoons of oil or butter, if desired. Season inside and out with salt and pepper. If desired, fold back wings and tie legs together.
  • Place chicken, breast-side up, in shallow roasting pan. Roast 30 minutes.
  • Reduce heat to 375ºF and cook about 30-40 minutes longer, until juices run clear when thigh is pierced with a fork, and a meat thermometer registers 180ºF in the thickest part of the thigh. Baste occasionally, if desired.
  • If glazing, brush on last 15 minutes.

    See package for grilling instructions.


  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • All Vegetarian Diet
  • No Animal By-Products
  • Raised Cage Free
  • No Hormones or Steroids Added*

    Change History:03/27/2017
    Short Description:PD CK WB A-GRD
    Case GTIN:90072745008057
    Item GTIN:00072745008054
    Weight Type:Random Weight
    Average Case Weight/Net Case Weight: 66 lbs.
    (Target for random weight items)
    Gross Case Weight:0.000 lbs.
    Empty Case Weight:2.24 lbs.
    Case Dimensions:21.75 in. x 15 in. x 8.5 in.
    Case Cube:1.6 ft.
    Pallet Tie/High:5 x 8
    Cases per Pallet:40
    Cases per Load:N/A
    Pieces per Tray:1
    Tray Size:50
    Units per Case:12
    Trays Dimension: N/A
    Filled Package Height:8.50 in.
    Filled Package Width:6.50 in.
    Filled Package Depth:4.50 in.
    Packaging Dry Tare:0.05
    Average Item Weight:5.5 lbs.
    Required Storage Temperature (F): 28-34
    Minimum Shelf Life (days): 10
    Maximum Shelf Life from Production (days): 13
    Enhanced: no
    Other Information:N/A
    Plants:Cromwell Plant CR74,Lewiston Plant LW09,Replenishment Center RC69,Georgetown Plant GT04,Salisbury Plant SL01,Milford Plant ML81
    USDA P#: Cromwell Plant P-19112,Lewiston Plant P-9197,Replenishment Center RC69,Georgetown Plant P-2178,Salisbury Plant P-764,Milford Plant P-1318
    Feed Type:Veggie Fed
    Gluten Free: N/A
    Country of Origin: Made in the USA
    Coupon Family Code: N/A

    †Creative shown may be approximate but not final.

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